Establish Recognition
in YOUR Market

Communicate a Strong
Common Sense IMAGE

"You Gotta Have a PLAN" 
A Great THEMED-Concept that will GROW Your Financial Business Practice.
Isn't it Time You Created IMAGE and MOMENTUM for Your Business ?
 HOW can you get the NAME of YOUR Financial Business Practice "out there" at a SENSIBLE COST ?
 WHAT do you SAY advertising-wise to let EVERYONE know the BENEFIT you can PROVIDE ?
 HOW do you PRESENT an understandable IMAGE to BOTH current client's and potential clients ?

"You Gotta Have a PLAN" is an advertising/branding concept
that can accomplish all of the above while sensibly establishing
YOUR BUSINESS NAME in your respective MARKET area.

Have you ever used television or radio to market yourself ?
Les Ellis of Affiliated Financial Group - Paducah, KY

Television Commercials


Gotta Have a PLAN
30 sec TV Spot

30 sec TV Spot

30 sec TV Spot

Nothing could be more sensible than positioning and marketing your business practice using this rock-solid, common sense approach. You'll achieve recognition and grow your client base.

In nearly all aspects of life
having a PLAN is equated with SUCCESS. The absence of any plan is interpreted as "flying by the seat of your pants".. and either sooner or later you'll encounter the UNEXPECTED.

In TV Spot #3.Les Ellis of Affiliated Financial Group in Paducah, KY, a cfd Rep,
chose to feature his TAX Services by airing this spot during the months of Jan/Feb/March.

Radio Commercials

Gotta Have a PLAN

60 sec Radio Spot


60 sec Radio Spot


60 sec Radio Spot


What do you expect in terms of results by doing this ?

Les Ellis of Affiliated Financial Group - Paducah, KY

Tri-Fold Brochure

For demonstration purposes this was printed on basic
white paper. 8.5 x 11.0
A unique look of quality can be obtained by printing on pastel paper colors such as Ivory or Grey,

The brochure ties together the benefit particulars of having a financial plan.

The actual brochure file layout is 8.5 x 11.0

We provide this brochure layout in TWO finished file formats.

  1. An Optimized PDF file ready for a Digital Printer.
    ( print it yourself, or outsource the printing,, it's clean & ready )

  2. A Microsoft Publisher file ready to print
    ( The benefit here is that you can make any changes you desire
    by simply opening the file in MS Publisher. It's a great adjunct simply because down the road you can change it in any way you choose. Add an employee, change any text, change a phone number, or email address. If you're a small office than print out 50 or a 100 at a time and keep your print costs at a minimum. )

    You'll receive BOTH files in finished format
    ( Finished format includes your logo, address, phone, email, etc.
    to your satisfaction )

Click any panels to see the layout in larger format

Internet Website

Les Ellis asked to have his already existing
Affiliated Financial Group website refurbished,
simplified, and to be built around the concept of
"You Gotta Have a PLAN". It's an image for the marketplace that he felt comfortable projecting.
It also holds a BENEFIT that the potential client
can clearly understand.

The Affiliated Financial Group website becomes the foundation of their "PLAN" theme and serves as the company's 24/7 electronic brochure which includes seeing the TV spots online and hearing direct audio comments from Les Ellis.


Why did you decide to use "You Gotta Have a PLAN" ?

Les Ellis of Affiliated Financial Group - Paducah, KY

"You Gotta Have a PLAN"

Marketing Package

3 Different 30-sec Broadcast Quality Television Commercials

3 Different 60-sec Broadcast Quality Radio Commercials

Tri-Fold Brochure Layout

Website Design & Construction
( Optional )
These advertising concepts are being made available
to all current Financial Representatives of cfd Investments. Inc, Kokomo, IN.
CALL or EMAIL TODAY for Details on this very affordable package.

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