B i l l  F l a n n e r y  B i o

A Top Notch IDEA Guy
Bill's an independent producer-director, writer, narrator, cameraman, and editor,
who literally brings his ideas to life using his own skills through his command
of the latest digital hardware and software.

Those that know him would say he's one of those producers from the old school
who made the transitition into the modern day digital era without loosing any ground.

35 years of Professional Production Experience.

   Professional Background

1965-69 Began his career working at WSIV Radio, WTVH-TV in Peoria, IL, and WQAD-TV in Moline, IL
(  During his beginning years he showed a strong grasp of understanding television production.
This culminated in 1969 with his winning the best documentary category at the San Francisco Film Festival
for a 40-min original film on environmental pollution entitled "Do You Miss America" )

1970-80 Successfully built his own production company called Sunburst Productions - Concepts & Ideas - Moline, IL
(  During this period of his life he and business partner Randy Jacobs managed to accrue 62 automobile dealers in
58 major TV markets who used his originally created theme-based advertising packages with huge success.
Thanks to high gas prices and soaring interest rates the car business slowed to a near halt in 1979 & 80.
He closed up shop, sold his studio equipment, and headed for Nashville, TN )

1981-86 One of the early VIDEO Producers to roll into Nashville and solicit musical artists to use his production talents
( MTV was just forming and musical artists were now confronted with putting video to their music.
He became an independent producer working for CBS Records, NY. His first Nashville client was the Charlie Daniels Band.
By 1984 he and long-time friend Joe Meador of Grand Entertainment started the now defunct Nashville Video Label.
From 1984 thru 1986 he was the in-house video producer at Conway Twitty's Music Village located in Hendersonville, TN )
Note: It was 1985 when Bill bought his very first computer. It was an Amiga Commodore 1000 with an NTSC video out port.
Thank you Don Molander for showing me the Amiga.

1987-90 He was the A/V Director at the Subliminal Research Foundation located in Albuquerque, NM
(  By far, this period of his professional life was one of the most interesting in terms of intellectual growth.
Employed by the Joe Land Company he was made A/V Director and headquartered at the SRF in Albuquerque.
For a 2 1/2 period he traveled back and forth between Albuquerque and Nashville, having residency in both cities.
Working with Foundation Director, Dr. Fred Kotzen and company owner, Joe Land during this period Flannery produced
4 different direct marketing TV shows which, in a two year period, sold 85 million dollars worth of Subliminal Weight Loss Tapes.
They were sold directly to the public through the television shows he produced for the Joe Land Company.
At one point he was even consulted by the FBI in relation to using certain subliminal audio techniques. )

1991-96 A semi-productive period having it's definite ups and downs prevailed through these years.
(  In 1991 Bill's mother passed away after a 10 year bout with cancer. In 1992 he acted as a sales rep
between the Home Shopping Network and Wynn Miller's Mopkin's. He procured a $200,000 order contract
allowing Miller to direct market his then famous Mopkin
puppet through the HSN. In late 1993 his father
passed away from Alzheimers. For the next 2 1/2 years Bill Flannery did very little creatively. )

1997-2005 A long term association with a midwestern financial broker/dealer of the highest integrity.
(  In 1997 Bill entered in to a contract to produce a four part video series on Financial Planning for Creative Financial Centre,
and it's small midwestern brokerage arm, cfd Investments, Inc., both headquartered in Kokomo, IN.

As they say, one thing lead to another and for the last 7 1/2 years, working only from his home based studio, he has assisted
CFC's founder Mick Owens, and his son Brent Owens, President of cfd Investments, Inc. in the growth of their financial business.
During this time he wore many hats through the course of delivering his services both to the home office,
and it's now nationwide list of independent financial reps. All of it accomplished while working from his residence,
in Hendersonville, and made possible by simply being electronically connected via the Internet.

. This fall ( 2006 ) CFC will move into their new 43,000 sq ft headquarters in Kokomo.
They've risen to the rank of being a unique nationwide brokerage house in the world of Independent Financial Reps.
Bill was offered the position of Marketing Director but declined because of the company's request
that he re-locate to Kokomo, IN. He relinquished his position in January of this year. )

2006 - 2007 A new chapter begins with the formation of Flannery Productions.
(  It's time for a touch of the old along with the new, in terms of television marketing ideas.
Thanks to Bill's cousin, Mike Rowland, active in the financial end of the auto business,
and long-time friend and veteran of automobile sales in Nashville, Greg Hunter, a new endeavor has been born and
is just getting underway. Rowland's paradigm of the business, coupled with Hunter's sales knowledge & connections,
and Flannery's background as a successful idea innovator, has lead to the formation of this new approach
toward delivering better advertising effectiveness to automobile dealerships throughout America.

If things don't change, they'll stay the same.

Copyright 2007 - Flannery Productions - All Rights Reserved

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